Uncover Your Encore

for planning a fulfilling second half of life

A thoughtful process for optimizing the second half of your life.
Four weeks of life review. Four weeks of life planning.
Four weeks honing in on your life purpose.


When and where does Uncover Your Encore meet?
Content currently only available through private coaching.

How will I know if Uncover Your Encore is a good fit for me?
1) You are facing a transition in your work life, or have already transitioned, and would like to make some changes.
2) You resonate with the life stages of “mid-life and beyond”.
3) You want to utilize your skills, experience, energy and talent in a meaningful way.
4) You’d like to consider work, whether paid or unpaid, that makes a difference and could leave a legacy.
5) You have the time, motivation, and stamina to deeply contemplate your life history, your current abilities, and your desired future.

How much work will I have to do?
Two to four hours of reading or homework each week in addition to meeting time.

Besides the time commitment, are there any other requirements?
Yes. You also need the ability to commit to and take action steps each week.

What can I expect as benefits of putting forth this effort?
You can expect a thoughtful process leading to a deeper understanding of yourself, a clearer perspective on your past, and powerful momentum in building your future.

Who teaches Uncover Your Encore?
Marcia Davis-Cannon is a coach with passion for helping people work through barriers to get in touch with their purpose and find work that is meaningful. She designed “Uncover Your Encore” after leading dozens of “Uncover Your Calling” groups, and recognizing the unique needs of midlife planning.

What is her background?
Marcia had a 20-year corporate career in operations, finance and product management before creating her own Encore Career. She has an MBA from Wharton and a coaching certificate from Western Seminary. She serves on the leadership team of Career Action Ministry and leads writing groups (Uncover Your Narrative) and career coaching groups (Uncover Your Calling) in addition to private coaching. Additional background at http://www.linkedin.com/in/marciadaviscannon.

How much does Uncover Your Encore cost?
This material is available through private coaching for 300 dollars per each four-week module, covering one 50-minute coaching session and three 30-minute coaching sessions via video conference plus unlimited email support. A package for all three modules (12 weeks) is available for 875 dollars.

I have more questions. How do I get them answered?
Email Marcia@UncoverYourCalling.com

I’m interested. How do I sign up?
Email Marcia@UncoverYourCalling.com